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Custom Designed Hydraulic Cylinders Quote Request Form

This form must be filled out in its entirety before a quotation can be prepared. Unless noted otherwise by the customer, Energy® Manufacturing will use the following parameters with respect to the processing of this request:

  1. The fluid temperature in the cylinder will be 170° Fahrenheit (77° Celsius) or less.
  2. The rod speed will be 50 feet per minute (15.2 meters per minute) or less.
  3. System filtration will be 20 micron or better.
  4. The fluid used is SAE 20 (ISO VG68) or less-viscous petroleum-based fluid and is non-foaming type for hydraulic use.
  5. Mount center-to-center and stroke dimensions are +/- 1/8" (+/-3.2 mm).
  6. The cylinder is not used in a corrosive environment.

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Cylinder Data

All welded cylinder quotation requests should be accompanied by a blueprint or sketch and the following data should be completed. Cushioned cylinder requests must include pump flow to cylinder, weight of load, and details of the linkage between cylinder and load.

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Application Data

*Will Cylinder Be Used to Lift People?

*Does Cylinder Always Reach Full Extend or Retract Position?

*Is Cylinder Subjected to High Overrunning Loads?

*Is Cylinder Subjected to Side Loading?

*Is Cylinder Barrel Braced to Restrict Buckling?

*Primary Cylinder Effort Will Be To:

*Cylinder is:

*Cylinder is Mounted:

Pressure Values:

If you have any questions you may fill out our Request Information Form or Contact Us.

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